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Students outside of accommodation.

With more than two decades of experience, we specialise in empowering Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) to maximise occupancy rates, even during off-peak summer letting periods.

Our extensive partnerships with industry leaders enable us to provide tailored short-stay solutions. These unique partnerships ensure that properties remain active throughout the academic term and summer seasons.

Complimentary to you, we offer a customised summer revenue forecast report.

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Please complete the form on the right to request a comprehensive summer revenue forecast report. This meticulously crafted report outlines strategic approaches to enhance your property's occupancy and revenue, both during term time and the summer season.

Why Choose City Room Rentals?

City Room Rentals boasts an unmatched track record of success in boosting occupancy and financial metrics for our PBSA operators, while simultaneously enhancing guest satisfaction. As the market leader, we take pride in being the original pioneers in this space, driving forward meaningful results for our partners.

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    Some Partners We Have Worked With

    Allied students logo.

    City Room Rentals offers a reliable partnership to Allied Student Accommodation LTD, consistently delivering results. Leveraging their expertise, management capabilities, and income delivery skills, we've significantly enhanced our portfolio performance at our flagship Edinburgh property during the summer letting season. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with City Room Rentals as we expand into new markets. Their specialised summer letting service comes highly recommended for other operators and universities.


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    "As a result of our partnership with City Room Rentals, we have experienced remarkable growth and success with increased revenue and exceeding net operating income financial metrics. Their guidance has been instrumental in broadening our reach within the alternative tourism uses avenue, allowing us to connect with a diverse range individuals and corporates seeking accommodation solutions. With their support, we've not only increased our booking volume but also strengthened our brand presence across Scotland. The City Room Rental’s team's dedication to our success is evident, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration as we expand our services to even more locations as part of a long-term contract."

    What you can Secure from us:

    Targeted Market Insights

    Explore local student housing trends and demand dynamics specific to your location

    Strategic Recommendations

    Gain valuable insights on optimising your student accommodation for optimal returns.

    Portfolio Strategy

    Formulate a holistic strategy to improve occupancy and student engagement across your entire portfolio.

    Custom Occupancy Analysis

    Craft a robust plan to boost occupancy and engagement accross your profile

    Implementation Guide

    A blueprint featuring a step-by-step timeline, resource allocation, and milestone checkpoints to ensure a swift and efficient launch to market.

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